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Website 1.0 Now Live | Known Issues (Sep 2018) - awlias - 09-11-2018

Hello all,

So is now out of BETA and is live for all to use  Cool

There's a few known small issues / bugs   that I am working on including:
  • HTTPS part notice in Firefox - The Website is https secure (and in any case I don't ask for any details to be entered on the webpages). However In Firefox you may get a message saying that part of the website may not be secure. There is clearly an external left over code bug so I am trying to get that fixed asap.
  • When logging in to the Forum for the first time you may find it redirects you to the homepage, simply hit The Alliance link again (in menu bar on mobile) and you'll be back in the forums - should have that fixed later this week.
  • Images may not load as fast as we would like (higher resolution) - I'm going to optimise the speed of the content on an ongoing basis.
  • I'm trying to code a newsletter capture system that doesn't use a 3rd party to capture your details as per my non-tracking ethics code of practice - so for now if you want to join the newsletter please email me using the link.
As always - if you experience any issues or would maybe like to request added website features then please comment below.

The Founder @ Cool