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Are We Living In A Simulation?

Are we living in a simulation?

Introduction to | Episode #001

Are we living in a Simulation?

Are we real?

Why are we here?

Simulation Theory Universe

These are some of the hard hitting questions, which keep me awake at night.

Yes, deep questions. I apologize, if you’re having an existential crisis right about now.

But what about You?

Have you pondered these questions before too?

Are We Living In A Simulation, abbreviated as, A. W. L. I. A. S. (or simply Awlias) is the new home of simulation theory. The first time that somebody has sat down and built a dedicated, super-serious, super-fun community (website, podcast and YouTube channel) committed to finding the "truth".

Awlias Home of Simulation Theory

But can we ever really know?

Yes, I believe so. I'm certainly going to try find out.

But does it matter? This is surely a non question, right?

Even if we, do indeed, find out this is a simulation, my life doesn't change does it?


Think about it for a second. If you could know, for absolute certain, right this moment, without doubt and with 100% evidence that we are living in a simulation, then are you telling me you would say "okay, cool", and then live the rest of life just as you would?

I know I couldn't.

Is VR Sign of Simulation Theory

I'd have a million more questions. It would be a can of worms. Why was the simulation created? What is my part in it? And on and on...

So the Awlias question is a real one.

I'd suggest it's even more important today than ever before.

At this point in time, when we have Artificial Intelligence (AI) that can outsmart us, as we approach the singularity. As Virtual Reality and AR make giant leaps.

...and as Kim and Donald become best friends!

No, we are not conspiracy theorist. No, we don't wear tin hats. No, I don't like X Files. Well actually that's not true, who doesn't love X Files?

But first, there is a lot of work to be done.

Up until now, the basic Simulation Theory, basically goes something like this:

Could our reality be virtual?

Someone a long time ago - or maybe only since the day you was “born” - created a simulation, just like The Sims video game, and placed you – the “human” consuming this now - in to this virtual world.

So far so good, right?

Simulation Theory and The Matrix

Not quite.

Sure, I'll agree it's a possibility. But the problem with this theory is it is too limited, based on our already stereotypical images of the simulation. This has drastically damaged Simulation Theory.

Similar issues have also damaged Alien Theory. For example, if I asked you to describe what an Alien looks like, you would probably draw something like this:

Typical Example of Alien Tropes

This is because this same Alien sketch has been used for decades, when the truth is Aliens will probably never look like green versions of humans.

The same problem exists with Simulation Theory. We only have one version of it. While I believe we need to explore many, many more.

Explore Awlias Universe will be built around many other related unsolved questions including:

Why are we here?

What is our Consciousness?

Are coincidences just that?

What are dreams?

What is déjà vu?

Deja Vu Theroies

Can we trust what we see?

Why do things happen in the Universe for no apparent reason?

I'm sure you probably have some other questions of your own to add too too?

Your Simulation Theories

That's the great thing about, I hope it will become a committed but fun place for ideas to be shared. Not just me, sat in my underwear with some post it notes!

Each Sunday, I will be publishing a new episode exploring these theories in more detail.

Weekly Awlias Posts

So welcome, please make yourself comfortable - we are in for a hell of a ride. And before you explore Awlias further, please stay calm - this is all just theory after all. Also please read the rules at least three times!

Disclaimer Again: This is all just theory.

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