Community: 3 Rules is a friendly community built to encourage simulation theory discussions in an open, safe and fun environment. We understand that our members are passionate about this topic, and while we welcome free speech, to ensure the community thrives we have set out 3 simple rules that we ask all members to follow in relation to content or communication on the website:

Rule 1 - Remember that is 100% Theory.

All content is simply theory. Until we have proof, please DO NOT use any information on here to make life changing decisions or take any action that could potentially cause harm to yourself, someone else or property. If conducting Simulation Theory Experiments, please always follow these rules and our Terms and Conditions. will not be held liable for any liabilities from using this website as set out in our terms and conditions page.

Rule 2 - We Listen and Respect ALL Theories.

In order to make progress on Simulation Theory we need more new ideas from more new members. This means that we value all theories equally. will not tolerate any form of harassment, threats, bullying or overly unfair negativity against a new or existing theory or person behind that theory. Anyone found guilty of this could risk being suspended from the community, possibly indefinitely. Any action will be taken by the Editor/Community Manager whose decision is final. is also not a community to discuss religion or politics (either for or against) and we ask that these subjects are never discussed unless as supported evidence for a theory. We respect and welcome everyone, as long as these rules are followed.

Rule 3 - Keep it as simple as possible.

Some of the theories posted on can be very complex, even if they are brilliant. Occasionally, this complexity can prevent progress being made by the community. Building on theories is key to making progress, therefore when sharing theories please keep it as simple as possible.

Example, including a basic MS Paint doodle image, alongside a 7-Paragraph forum post can help our members understand your theory easier and possibly build upon it.

Please always revise your content to the simplest form it can be presented in where ever possible. As per Rule 2, there are no "stupid questions" on AWLIAS, so always keep that in mind, especially when engaging in a discussion with other members. In return, will actively moderate the forums where possible to prevent trolling and spam.

And that's it. Stay friendly, polite and positive and together let's make history in our search for the truth...

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